We are one of Springfield, IL’s most reputable tattoo studios with artists who are talented and experienced.Our talent is what makes our clients come to us for tattoos that show off their uniqueness. They want tattoos that tell the world what they stand for and what they believe in. Our clients want tattoos that fit their lifestyles and we will always provide that. Anyone above the age of 18 looking for a higher quality tattoo is welcome. We love working with our clients to provide the best customer service and have them walking out the doors wanting to come back.We have several artists on hand who are highly talented and able to do even the most complex designs. They are the reason we continue to grow, and it is their talent that has made our clients into regulars. Our studio exceeds in customer service, we will make sure that your tattoo will surpass your expectations. Our artists specialize in various styles ranging from cover – ups, bio mechanical, to old school, portraits, or Japanese traditional. Stop in and get your consultation with one of our four artists! Permanent Mark, Kyle, Tom and Josh.